I'm not overly interested in reality shows like The Bachelor but I have to admit, when the season finale was on in our household last night, I couldn't help but be captivated.

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Season 24 of The Bachelor starred Peter Weber and the final two contestants were Hannah Ann and Madison.

Peter initially proposed to Hannah Ann but that soon ended in heartbreak and Hannah Ann returned the ring with choice words for Peter.

Then Madison appeared as the one he ultimately chooses in the end...but the problem is Peter's parents are not a fan of Madison and wanted Hannah Ann.

This is what Peter's mom, Barb, had to say to Peter and Madison in the final minutes of the season on Tuesday night...

"Chris (host), he's gonna have to fail to succeed"...ouch! I have to say, that would be brutal, having your mom say that to you on prime-time network television!

What did you think of The Bachelor finale and Barb's harsh words?

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