Have you heard the name Cody Hawkins? If you haven't, you soon will. Cody grew up in Harpursville and played with many local bands including Hailey and Shawn, Jason Wicks, and Kolby Oakley. He's had some local success and been a part of a major concert tour. Now he is going one step further and will appear on a primetime TV show.

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Cody is is a drummer and he is truly living the dream. He got a call from the manager of the band Restless Road in early May. The manager told Cody that Restless Road was working on putting together a band for their first big tour and Cody was asked to audition for the drummer spot.

He auditioned that month and the very next day...that's right the VERY NEXT DAY, he got a call letting him know that Restless Road loved him and wanted him to go on tour with them. What Cody didn't know until he got the call asking him to join the band is that the big tour they were planning was...the Kane Brown Blessed and Free Tour.

Kane Brown Tour

The Kane Brown Blessed and Free Tour was a massive one, hitting every single NBA Arena in the US. Cody started on the tour in October of 2021 and the tour will wrap up this February.

Cody has been hard at work in Nashville for the last six years and has been honing his craft, making friends and connections, and playing his heart out and it's all come full circle for him. Cody told us that he was totally overwhelmed and excited to have been asked to be part of the Restless Road tour.

Since May of 2021, Cody has been performing at fairs and festivals. In September, he finished up the Kane Brown World Wife Beautiful Tour and now, he's finishing up the Kane Brown Blessed and Free Tour on the West Coast.

via Cody Hawkins
via Cody Hawkins

Cody says that it has been a dream come true and that he's made some incredible friends, including Colton, Garrett, and Zach of Restless Road. The biggest tour highlights for Cody have been playing the Staples Center and Madison Square Garden.

He's also performed twice at the Grand Ole Opry, once with Austin Burke and with Restless Road in December. So what's next for Cody? Well how about an appearance on The Bachelor.

The Bachelor On ABC

Cody is preparing to perform on The Bachelor with Restless Road on Monday, January 31st. That's right! First Cody goes on a massive concert tour and now he's preparing to perform in front of the biggest audience he's ever played for on The Bachelor which airs this Monday, January 31 on ABC at 8:00 p.m.

Restless Road will be performing their current hit, "Growing Old With You" and hopefully you'll have a chance to see Cody in action. So set your VCR...okay no one has VCRs anymore, so get set to record The Bachelor on Monday night.

Restless Road - Growing Old With You

After the Blessed and Free Tour ends in February, Cody plans to take a much-needed vacation and then will be hitting the road again with Restless Road for their very first headlining tour called the Bar Friends Tour.

Maybe the next time, he'll be "The Bachelor", how cool would that be.

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