Are you looking to get into teaching? Well, you hit the right time here in New York.

According to Spectrum News, a huge teacher shortage is looming in New York. In the next five years, there will be over one hundred thousand teacher positions available.  Here's an issue right away: there has been a lack of interest in the teaching profession right around the time where many are going to retire.

The union anticipates that the state will need 180,000 new teachers within the next five years due to retirement and fewer people becoming teachers. Organizers say tough evaluations and other factors led to the decline."

Why should younger people consider teaching?

"When it comes to the certification, just do the work, do the test and get the certification, you will see a lot of people running away from the idea of teaching. Another thing also, being a teacher is a belief. You believe that you are there for your kids. You are there to support. That's one of the things that keeps you always enthusiastic and encouraged," said Fowler High School teacher Abduliah Alubi."

The first summit designed to address these concerns was held in Syracuse.

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