What rule or rules of the road do Central New Yorker's ignore the most, or truly forget?

On AskReddit, a question was asked: What 'rule of the road' do most people forget? From that question, here's a few we think Central New Yorker's tend to forget, and the comments on Reddit on the topic:

1) Right of way.

Especially at stop signs! And don't try to be "nice" and let someone else take your turn. You are just slowing the whole process down. Don't be nice, be predictable


2) Lift Your Car, Fix Your Lights!

If you lift your car or get a new big suspension, recalibrate your headlights so your normal lights dont turn into high beams for everyone else.

3) In general, how to use merge lanes and on-ramps.

The idea is to get your vehicle up to traffic speed by the time you need to change lanes onto the highway/interstate/etc. Not: slinking down the on ramp at 40 mph when traffic is going 70 and then feign surprise when 'No one will let me merge'... Just grinds my gears and I hate having to follow people like that into high speed traffic.

4) Parallel Park

I feel like a lot of people don’t know you’re supposed to put your blinker on to parallel park.

5) Right Lane vs Left Lane

If you are moving slower than the rest of traffic on the highway move to the right lane.

6) How to Exit

Driving on a multi lane road? Have a right turn coming up? Don't wait until you're five feet away from your turn to switch from left lane to right. Especially when traffic is congested.

7) Using Phones or Technology

"don't text/Facebook/whatever and drive"

8) Wipers and Lights

Wipers on, lights on.


What would you ADD to the list?

Let us know by commenting on the article.

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