Taylor Swift will appear on VH1′s famed ‘Storytellers’ series, where artists perform songs and offer insight, anecdotes, memories and details about the tunes. Given the confessional nature of Swift’s songwriting and her chatty personality, this will be a very good episode for her fans — and quite possibly a very bad one for her exes who are worried she might “out” them.

VH1 ‘Storytellers: Taylor Swift’ will air at 11PM on Nov. 11, kicking off the brand new season in style. This season will feature Alicia Keys and Pink, as well. The episodes will not only air on VH1, but also on the show’s website, so there are multiple ways to watch.

Swift also has a contest that will dovetail with her ‘Storytellers’ taping, according to EW. Ever the crowd-pleasure, Swift will tape her episode at either a high school or college in the U.S. that wins said opportunity via a contest. Fans can vote to get Swift to perform on their campus by going here.  The top five vote-getting schools will also receive $10,000 in grants for their music departments from Swift and Chegg for Good, a philanthropic program.

Schools have through Sept. 23 to vote.

Since Swift’s ‘Storytellers’ times up with the Oct. 22 release of her new album ‘Red’ — which features her kiss-and-tell anthem ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ — we can’t help but wonder if Swift will shed a little more light on which wayward ex inspired her to write this musical kiss-off. It could be any of her former suitors, and she’s certainly left us with enough information to arrive at our own conclusions about who he is. The intimate nature of the ‘Storytellers’ concerts perfectly fits Swift’s songwriting style, so she’s bound to offer more context clues.

Whatever the case, we’ll be tuning in to see what she says.

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