While US Weekly seemed to have the exclusive scoop on Nicki Minaj joining the ‘American Idol‘ judging team (or should we say, they thought they had the scoop?) there’s still some talk as to who could possibly fill in for Steven Tyler now that Mariah Carey is definitely on board. Should we have already assumed that rapper and Kim Kardashian‘s attention-seeking boyfriend Kanye West would be considered for the job? Probably.

Unnamed sources close to the ‘Idol’ judge search slipped to TMZ that the network has sent feelers out to Kanye, who reportedly expressed some interest. And why wouldn’t he? Since his fashion line bombed, the rapper’s seemingly budding relationship with the bootylicious Kardashian princess has been the only thing keeping him firmly planted in the spotlight, but a gig with one of the top reality talent shows would also do that job nicely.

However, nothing has yet to be cemented down. With that in mind, despite US Weekly’s sources saying that Nicki Minaj is “100% confirmed” to sit beside Mariah Carey, other names are being tossed around. Keith Urban, Brad Paisley and Enrique Iglesias, for some. Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers also threw his name into the bidding pool, and perhaps even if Minaj does accept the job, there might still be room for one more judge.

It was previously reported that Randy Jackson, the beloved judge with a heart of gold, might finally step down from the table into a smaller mentoring role for the contestants.

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