Once again, Taylor Swift has done her part to encourage literacy among the youth of this nation. The 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' singer has donated books to the early literacy program at the hospital in which she was born. Despite her fame and fortune, the singer never, like, ever, forgets where she came from.

Swift is a native of Wyomissing, which is located in Berks County in eastern Pennsylvania, not far from Philadelphia. Despite long ago having moved to Nashville to launch and sustain her career, she has a soft spot for home and has given back by teaming up with Scholastic, Inc. to donate 2,000 books to the Reading Hospital Child Health Center's early literacy program.

The donation was part of the Reach Out and Read program, which promotes early literacy in childhood by bringing books, as well as information about the importance of reading aloud, into the pediatric exam room.

The center gives children between the ages of six months and five years a book that is relevant, as well as developmentally and culturally appropriate, to take home with them. The initiative also gives the children a chance to accrue up to 10 books for their personal libraries at home.

Last year, Swift donated 14,000 books to the Nashville Public Library, which were placed in circulation and gifted to low-income families. So Swift certainly goes above and beyond to help promote literacy programs and initiatives with her donations.


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