Crystal Pepsi Back in CNY
Remember Crystal Pepsi from The 1990s? Well, it has made its way back on to store shelves in Central New York, but will only be around for a limited time. We had people around the office give it a try. Many people reacted the same, thinking it was Sprite, or watered down 7-Up. No doubt the color of the retro soda had something to do with that.
Saranac Introduces Full Line of Jed’s Hard Sodas
The alcohol world was taken by storm just a few months ago with the release of a new hard root beer called 'Not Your Grandfather's Root Beer.' Well, Saranac Brewery had a similar idea dating back about 5 years ago and never ran with it. With the success of the other brand, they decided now is the time. Anything one can do they can do better.

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