It's easy to blame winter on making you moody and sluggish, but it's not always the culprit. Maybe it's time to look at your food choices.

Processed foods, foods high in sugar, and foods high in salt are known to mess with people's moods. They can change the chemical balance in your body, and leave you feeling sluggish, and give you that 'bloated feeling.' But on top of all that, they can make you moody, and easily irritated. Here are just a few of the big ones...


Especially peanuts packaged with salt added to them, these are obviously high in sodium, but they also contain a lot of food additives that can unbalance those chemicals in your body and in your mind.


This one is a no-brainer. Most people know that soda can affect your mood. After taking in all that sugar, your body crashes from the 'rush' and you're down feeling worse than you did before you enjoyed the drink.

Agave Nectar

You may have seen this as an extra ingredient in certain herbal drinks or in specially labeled 'health foods.' Although agave nectar has a lot going for it, it does contain a lot of natural sugar. It won't raise your blood sugar levels, but it will still give you that 'rush' and 'crash' feeling (just like you drank a soda).

Sweet Potatoes

The problem with sweet potatoes is how you eat them. If you buy them prepackaged they usually contain a lot of preservatives and other things your body doesn't need. If you buy them from the veggie section at the supermarket it's better, but be careful what you cook them with. A lot of recipes add in tons of sugar and 'junk' to make the sweet potatoes sweeter. And it's all that extra stuff you don't need - All that extra stuff that can leave you sluggish and moody.


Those are just some of the foods that affect your mood. If you buy natural products (like fresh apples, NOT pre-packaged), you're less likely to have problems with your mood. Nothing is a sure-win, but it's one way to help you feel better, and help beat that sluggish, moody, feeling.




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