4-Year-Old With One Arm is a Golf Prodigy
Tommy Morrissey is a 4-year-old boy who is not letting his disability get in the way of what he is passionate about. He loves golf so he learned how to play. As you can see from this video he is better with one arm than the majority of people are with two. His story is truly inspiring.
Paralyzed Ex-Football Star Walks Again
It was a football injury back in 2010 that paralyzed Chris Norton. He was told that he had a 3% chance of ever regaining movement below the neck. Now, nearly 5 years later, the goal he had for himself has come to fruition and you may need some tissues for this one!
Marc Mero Brings Middle-School Kids To Tears With Speech
It's very difficult in this day and age to connect to young people. In many cases they take things for granted and don't look at the important things in life. Marc Mero is a former WCW and WWE wrestler. The speech he gave at a middle-school was not only inspiring, it brought those students…
9-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Helps Kids In Need
At only 9-years-old, Grace Callwood has already battled and survived cancer. Not only has this experience matured her and strengthened her faith, but it has also inspired her to take action and put her efforts into helping kids in need. Her story is truly inspirational.
Wounded Warriors Scale New Heights With the Heroes Project

Wounded warriors that may have lost a limb or suffered an injury while serving our county can find a renewed purpose in life and engage in physical activity. The Heroes Project is making sure of that, as it works to help combat-injured vets overcome their individual circumstances by climbing the hig…