Teen Falls Into Chittenango Falls Gorge
Crews were called to Chittenango Falls State Park on Sunday for a rope rescue after a teen girl fell into a gorge. She fell 10 feet as she was hiking on one of the trails. According to the Madison County Fire Departments Facebook page, multiple agencies including Chittenango and Cazenovia volunteer …
Brian Seetge of Chittenango Is A Best-Selling Author
Bullying is one of the biggest epidemics our nation is facing currently. It's the worst in a place where it all began and that's schools. A Chittenango native is one of the several authors who made the book Bulleyproof: Unleash The Hero Inside Your Kid (Vol. 3). His name is Brian Seetge an…
Visit The Wild Animal Park in Chittenango
Right in the heart of Chittenango sits The Wild Animal Park. This zoo has a huge variety of animals from tigers, lions, and leopards to a jolly giraffe named Jase. They have been open for more than 2 years now and it's one of the best kept secrets in Central New York. That needs to change!