Wait until you see all the exciting new things coming to the Wild Animal Park in Chittenango.

Disney Themed Mayan Ruins

Construction is underway on a new South American walk-through that will resemble Disney-themed ancient Mayan ruins. New species like giant anteaters and king vultures will share the exhibit.

Park owner Jeff Taylor says it’s all part of a multi-million dollar reinvestment plan at the Wild.

"We are continuing to enhance the animal exhibits and customer experience."

Credit - Jeff Taylor
Credit - Jeff Taylor

Underwater Viewing Exhibit

But wait, there's more. The Jaguars are being moved into a new exhibit that will feature a pool with underwater viewing so guests can see them swim. "This cat species likes water," said Taylor. A newly renovated gator exhibit will also be connected.

There are also plans for a new primate and parrot enclosure.

"Our exhibit design and construction crew are really taking it to a different level with this project. It’s like Disney style theming."

Credit - Jeff Taylor
Credit - Jeff Taylor

2023 Season

The Wild Animal Park will open on April 7 for the 2023 season. But you can still meet some of the wonderful animals during the off-season through personal encounters. Cuddle up with a sloth, otter, giraffe, hippo, or penguin.

The Wild Drive-Thru Safari will open a little later in the season.

The Wild Animal Park and drive-thru safari are located on Lakeport Road in Chittenango. You can learn more about the park, and the safari, book an encounter and get tickets at Thewildpark.com.

New Disney Themed Mayan Ruins Exhibit & Underwater Viewing Coming to Wild Animal Park

A new Disney-themed ancient Mayan ruins are coming to the Wild Animal Park in Chittenango. It's part of a multi-million dollar project that will also include an exhibit with underwater viewing.

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