It seems every time a country artist or rodeo participant makes their first trip to Central New York, they're amazed that it's not a part of New York City.  So a few days ago we began the search for CNY cowboys and found Mark Hoffman of Durhamville.  Today we get to spend a few minutes with Kev Smith of Verona.  Another bull rider coming to Wild West Frogfest and Rodeo June 9 at the Herkimer County Fairgrounds.  Check out our interview with Kev and some photo's of him in action.  BE WARNED, the last photo is of a pretty gruesome injury he sustained while riding.

Kev and Mark are actually good buds who ride together a lot.  Kev says Mark actually talked him into continuing to ride following a serious spill at Frogfest last year.  I'm thinking a short term memory may come in handy for bull riders.  Kev says a bet with a friend is how he got started.




Get your advance tickets and save $7 at Price Chopper, Herkimer County Fairgrounds or online. Gates open at 9am, the rodeo begins at noon and local bands will begin taking the stage at 2pm.