It's almost Halloween; a time when the kids trick or treat and the big kids treat themselves to a scary movie. From Halloween and Friday the 13th to Psycho and The Exorcist, what was the scariest movie ever made? Depends on who you ask. Check out Tad and Polly's scariest movies for Halloween.

Polly's Scariest Movies

Pet Sematary - 1989

I was just a kid when Pet Sematary came out. I remember watching in my basement, while home alone. We had just moved into a new house, full of windows that had no curtains. It wasn't until I saw my own reflection in the glass, thinking it was someone breaking in, that I shut the movie off and locked myself in my room until my parents got home. I watched the movie the next morning and it wasn't nearly as scary in the daylight with my parents upstairs.

Blair Witch Project- 1999

I didn't realize the Blair Witch Project wasn't real and I'm glad I didn't. It may have ruined the whole movie that had me curled into a ball, wondering what was going to happen next to the three student filmmakers who disappeared while hiking. They were said to have been making a documentary on the legend of the Blair Witch. The only thing anyone found was their footage.

Tad's Scariest Movies

The Omen- 1976

I saw this in theaters and have been spooked by Rottweilers since.  And I can still see the image of the guy falling on the wrought iron fence and being caught there.  I have never watched it again, nor any of the sequels, I'm even squeamish around people named, Damien.

The Fog - 1980

I put this on my list because it spooked my 2 youngest sons.  They were in their single digits and rented it from the library and was talking about how it wouldn't scare them. They laid on the floor in front of the TV to watch it, while I was on the couch.  As the movie progressed they kept getting closer and closer to the couch. By the end you couldn't get a piece of parer between them and the couch.

What movie gave you nightmares?

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