The Angry Splash Mountain lady turned that frown upside down after her husband finally took the plunge.

The Syracuse couple, Steven and Jordan Alexander, were invited back to take another ride after their 'Angry Splash Mountain lady' photo went viral. "I said 'that's all I gotta do?' Now I have to go to Florida and I have to ride the ride. It's a dirty job and if somebody has got to do it that somebody has got to be me," jokes Steven.

The viral photo started when Steven refused to go on the ride, leaving his wife Jordan to go alone. "I was tired. Our baby was tired. But Jordan loves Splash Mountain and she really wanted to go,” says Steven. “She looked at me and said ‘fine then I’m going by myself.’ She marched off and when she returned she handed me the picture and said ‘Here! I did this for you.'”

The only thing that concerned Steven was a picture without him getting sick. "My wife said ‘you better not puke.’ She says I’m a known puker and that would be really embarrassing if I become the guy known for losing his cookies.”

He didn't lose his cookies but he doesn't look as happy as his wife who posted on Twitter "He rode the ride! I'm Happy Splash Mountain Lady!"

Steven Alexander
Steven Alexander

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