The Angry Splash Mountain Lady is getting a chance to turn that from upside down. The Syracuse couple, who's photo went viral after a trip to Florida, is being invited back.

The Orlando board of tourism, Visit Orlando invited Steven and Jordan Alexandert back to ride Splash Mountain together. "I said 'that's all I gotta do?' Now I have to go to Florida and I have to ride the ride. It's a dirty job and if somebody has got to do it that somebody has got to be me," jokes Steven.

Steven Alexander
Steven Alexander

The viral photo started when Steven refused to go on the ride, leaving Jordan to go alone. “I was tired. Our baby was tired. But Jordan loves Splash Mountain and she really wanted to go,” says Steven. “She looked at me and said ‘fine then I’m going by myself.’ She marched off and when she returned she handed me the picture and said ‘Here! I did this for you.'”

What do the Alexander's have planned for the camera this time around? "My wife said to me 'you better not puke.' She says I'm a known puker and that would be really embarrassing. I become the guy known for losing his cookies"

What's more concerning to Steven is having to ride more than once. "My friends keep telling me I'll have to ride over and over with everyone wanting me to ride with them. I could end up riding that ride five times that day."

The Alexander's are often asked for selfies, at least Jordan is. "We were at the zoo and a nice couple recognized us. After getting a picture with my wife they said 'this is so cool. This is the best day ever.' It's really nice when you can make other people smile. We're the lucky ones out of all this and we got a free vacation out of it."

The trip is planned for May 14th through the 17th. Check back to see what the Alexander's will look like next.

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