As Donna Moore of Syracuse, NY was driving down the road, she spotted something out of the ordinary. A little baby deer was laying on the side of Fay Road, and it appeared to be injured. She couldn't just drive by, so she decided to pull over. She took her next few steps very carefully.

Of course Donna couldn't just drive by. She had to do something. When she approached the baby deer she immediately contacted someone who specializes in animal rescues. The important thing to remember when you come across a wild animal, injured or healthy, to not touch or interact with it in anyway. Like Donna, make sure you take the time to call a professional, or someone with knowledge on how to handle a situation such as this.

The number for the Syracuse Area DEC office is (315) 426-7400. In the Utica/Rome area you can call (315) 793-2554.

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