A night of horror returns, bigger and scarier than ever before.

This frightening experience is fun for the whole family, but only the bravest souls will make it to the other side. But make sure you know where you're going... because this year they've moved to a new location.

Enter if you dare!

Credit - Walk of the Dead A Nightmare on Oswego Road
Credit - Walk of the Dead A Nightmare on Oswego Road

The Syracuse Walk of the Dead

"Walk of the Dead" is back again this October, but this time not at it's usual location. The ghosts and zombies have cleaned up shop, moving from Liverpool to 4812 South Cook Road in LaFayette. It's being held every Friday and Saturday from 6pm to Midnight during the month of October.

Take an ATV ride straight to the gates of hell, where darkness surrounds you, and your only way out is to find the path through the unknown. 🌑 Are you brave enough to escape the abyss?

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Who needs a haunted hay ride when you can control your own destiny? Walk alongside your favorite horror characters, including clowns and other ghostly ghouls. The road might be scary, but it's worth every step.

Credit - Walk of the Dead A Nightmare on Oswego Road
Credit - Walk of the Dead A Nightmare on Oswego Road

Even More to Enjoy

New this year is the Wonderland Saloon. Indulge yourself in delicious food and beverages. Go warm up by their roaring bonfire, while enjoying a variety of movies & nightly entertainment.

Come between 6pm and Midnight and traverse over half a mile of serpentine trails that will leave you trembling with terror!

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All visitors 14 and older are welcome to walk the path. Anyone 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Groups are limited to 6 people per walk, with all tickets being moved to presale.

Credit - Walk of the Dead A Nightmare on Oswego Road
Credit - Walk of the Dead A Nightmare on Oswego Road

Prices are a little bit different from last year, but not by much. It is $25 for all Adults and then $17 for Children 14 and under. Since the event is a half mile walk through the woods and completely outdoors, you are asked to dress accordingly.

Once again, tickets are ONLY available by purchasing them ahead of time. You can claim a spot for you and your friends by visiting their website.

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