Central New York may get snow, lots and lots of snow, but when it comes to natural disasters, it's a pretty safe place to be.

Syracuse ranked among the safest cities for natural disasters according to CBS News. Massive flooding is rare. Although central New York experienced floods this Summer, it was nothing compared to the recent floods in Texas and Florida after Hurricane Harvey.

Hurricanes are also non existent as well as earthquakes, or wildfires. Tornadoes use to be uncommon in the area but have been appearing more often lately. Brookfield and Georgetown had tornadoes touch down in August.  In July tornadoes were confirmed in the Vernon/Verona area as well as Sauquoit.

Sure central New York see snow in feet but you can at least shovel or plow it out of the way. Even Stella, that dumped near record amounts of snow, was safer than Hurricane Irma or Harvey that destroyed Texas, Florida and the Caribbean.

Buffalo came in at #4 for the safest cities from natural disasters. The only concern is the lake effect snow off Lake Erie each winter.

I don't know about you but I'd take snow over hurricanes, earthquakes and wildfires any day. Even if it can shut down I-90.



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