Superheroes are often used to cheer up kids who've been confined to the hospital. And while costumed do-gooders are always appreciated, a Pittsburgh-area window washing company thought of a novel way to make the experience even more memorable.

Superhero window washers. That's right, when the young occupants of Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh woke up on a Monday in late October they saw Spider-Man, Batman, Captain America and Superman, squeegee in hand, seemingly suspended in the air.

Needless to say, the kids were thrilled and screamed out the names of their favorite bad guy fighters when they passed by their room windows.

It was the wife of Allegheny Window President Edward Matuizek who first thought of the idea of dressing the window washers up as part of a pre-Halloween treat. At first Matuizek dismissed it as crazy, but when he thought about how much it could mean to the kids he ended up renting $800 worth of high quality customs for his guys to wear during their scheduled job at the hospital.

Mark Errico, one of the window washers, was dressed as Captain America. “The kids were loving it,” he explained. “Everywhere we went, they were coming in from different rooms.”

It was such a hit, Matuizek plans on making it an annual event. Who knows, if Christian Bale catches wind of this there may well be a celebrity costumed window washer next year.

Watch the super window washers in action below.

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