While we have learned that SUNY Oneonta has at least 300 students who have tested postive for Coronavirus, another SUNY school has been added to the list of coronavirus cases. On the first day of classes for the fall semester, SUNY Brockport confirmed its first positive test result.

CNY Central reports that the college has a daily case tracker posted to its website, which allows students, staff, and the public to check on the number of coronavirus cases. The case is not a student living on campus.

The college also has a green risk level, which means the "underlying threat of COVID-19 remains, but virus prevalence is low." The risk levels range from green to blue to yellow to orange to red, with red being the highest risk level. If a red risk level is reached, classes on campus would shift fully online.

Other colleges and universities in the Rochester region are tracking their cases and posting daily updates on their websites.

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Are all SUNY campuses following the same guidelines with COVID 19?

According to the SUNY website, the simple answer is yes. All SUNY campuses are following the same guidelines while addressing the specific student needs on campus, and in consultation with their local public health official.

Each campus will make the transition to online or other distance learning programs following an extended spring break to reduce campus density. Before students continue their studies, they will be informed on what to expect, including any changes to schedules and operational processes."

You can read more on the guidelines from SUNY's website.

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