We all have way too much on our minds, so it's not unusual at the end of the day to say, "Where did I put my car keys"? Well, this morning, I pulled an all-time stupid stunt. I left home with our cordless home phone (not a cell phone, but our actual kitchen phone). When I arrived at Big Frog 104, there was the home phone on the front seat of my car.

So, I thought it might be interesting to make a list of other stupid things that I've done, and maybe you've done in the past:

1. Went into the wrong house when visiting a relative at Christmas time.

2. Went to the wrong funeral home, stood in line and expressed my condolences to a family I never met about a deceased I never knew.

3. Tried my car key in someone else's car

4. Called someone asking for help to look for my missing cell phone on that very missing cell phone.

5. Put a teabag in a cup of coffee

This is just a short list, and hopefully I won't add to it today. Although, I think I once put a turkey in the oven for four hours and never turned it on.

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