What's better than a snow day? A trip to Potato Hill Farm for a class field trip.

Potato Hill is an outdoor, nature oriented, private field trip location in Boonville New York. The farm offers everything to enjoy in central New York in winter, spring, and fall.

Classes who take field trips to Potato Hill are provided with high quality equipment to go mountain biking, hiking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and more outdoor activities. All students need to bring is a lunch to enjoy in the warming huts.

With beautifully groomed trails and grounds, school aged kids can take a break from the classroom and get exercise along with fresh air. The field trips include lessons on the equipment, techniques, and local plants and animals.

Kids check phones and electronics at the door. With the heavy use of technology today Potato Hill emphasizes a connection with nature rather than a screen.

The staff encourages kids to learn outside the classroom while getting dirty and exploring the outdoors. 


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