You now have the chance to support a local brewery and fire department, all while enjoying a tasty pint of ice cold draft beer.

If you're a beer and brewery lover like myself, then you need to get yourself over to Woodland Farm Brewery at the Hulbert House in Boonville. Not only do they have an amazing selection of beer, paired with a menu full of delicious food... but they are giving back to their community in a big way.

Credit - Woodland Farm Brewery at the Hulbert House
Credit - Woodland Farm Brewery at the Hulbert House

The Firehouse Pils

Go to the bar, pull up a chair and order a pint of Firehouse Pils. You'll quench your thirst on a delicious pilsner, all while supporting the volunteer firefighters in Boonville.

Woodland Farm Brewery at the Hulbert House has brought back this draft beer as a way to help their local fire department. For each pint of Firehouse Pils sold, a portion of the proceeds will be donated directly to the Boonville Volunteer Fire Department.

It's a win-win-win! You get a great beer, you're supporting a local business AND donating to firefighters protecting your community. Who wouldn't want to get behind a cause like this?

Credit - Woodland Farm Brewery at the Hulbert House
Credit - Woodland Farm Brewery at the Hulbert House

Cool! But How's the Taste?

This is where the story gets even better. Not only are you making a difference, but the beer is absolutely delicious to drink. Here's what the owners describe it...

Firehouse Pils is a German style pilsner that is as crisp as crisp can be! Easy, drinking, and thirst quenching!

Sure, their description might seem a little biased. But they've already gotten a strong response on Facebook about the beer too.

Woodland Farm Brewery at the Hulbert House via Facebook
Woodland Farm Brewery at the Hulbert House via Facebook

Don't just take their word for it, go grab a pint for yourself! Check them out at 106 Main Street in Boonville, New York. Their hours vary, but you can always see when they're open by visiting their website.

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