Justin Lyons, Steve Irwin's right hand man and the underwater cameraman who was with Irwin when he he died, is opening up about that fateful day in 2006.

It went through his chest like a knife through butter

Lyons and Irwin were underwater filming a documentary, when a stingray began stabbing wildly with its tail on 4 September 2006. Lyons says stingrays are normally calm creatures but this one 'started stabbing wildly with it's tail. Hundreds of strikes in just a few seconds. It went through his chest like a knife through butter.'

At first, Lyons didn't realize anything had happened until he panned the camera back to Irwin after watching the stingray swim away and saw 'Steve standing in a huge pool of blood.'

Steve just calmly looked up and said 'I'm dying

As they were speeding towards help Lyons just kept telling Steve to 'think of your kids. Hang on. But Steve just calmly looked up and said 'I'm dying.'' That's was the last thing he said.

Lyons did CPR for over an hour before getting Irwin to the hospital but says even if Irwin could have been gotten to a hospital faster 'we probably couldn't save him because the damage to his heart was massive.'

Although the attack was caught on tape, all copies were destroyed at the request of Irwin's family.

Dave Hunt/Pool/Getty Images
Dave Hunt/Pool/Getty Images

A public memorial service was held in an Australia Zoo and was broadcast to over 300 million viewers worldwide. In 2007, a road that runs by the Australia Zoo, was renamed Steve Irwin Way.

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