Labor pains don't always come from the actual labor. Sometimes it's the pain of your partner. Watch a hilarious video of a husband narrating his wife's labor as Steve Irwin.

Lindsey Meehleis, a California midwife, shared the video of her clients going through an at home birth. Aaron Woitas is heard doing his best Steve Irwin impression while his wife Carmon's is in labor. "It's very dangerous to go ahead and film them when they are about to give birth. We've got one here. She's pregnant. We have to be very careful," says Woitas as his wife paces.

When the pacing stops, Aaron gets 'the look.' Anyone who's been with a woman giving birth, knows 'the look.' "Stay still. You don't want to be attacked here," says Aaron. "We're going to take a couple of clicks back here."

Aaron may have 'clicked' his way right into the dog house. I thought everyone knew better than to mess with a woman, never mind one in labor!

Share your labor pains below...physical or emotional.


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