It's not just the doctors, nurses, and staff that make St. Jude amazing, did you know it's the dogs too?

I'm a huge animal lover, and maybe you love dogs. Doggy Daze is a therapy program that helps patients and their families. It allows down time with specially trained therapy dogs who have volunteer handlers. A Child Life specialist supervises the play and visit with the therapy dog for about an hour while the child is undergoing treatment.

Also something fun they do for the kids, each dog has a trading card so the patient can get to know their new friend. Think about it; some kids have pets at home and are unable to see them. The Doggy Daze program gives them, not only therapy, but a little feeling of home and comfort.

Become a Partner in Hope by donating $20 a month. Not only will you help save lives, you'll get a shirt to prove it. Donate online at St Jude.




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