Who better than yours truly, Greg "Splashin'" McShea to give you news about water? And the news is that authorities remind you to be careful while boating, as that water is extremely cold at this time of year.


According to our sister station, WIBX:

"Although air temperatures are higher than average, New York’s state parks are urging boaters to be careful of the cold water.

Rose Harvey, with the New York State Office of Parks, says although air temperatures may seem nice, “water temperatures are still extremely cold and will remain relatively so throughout the spring months.”

The warning stems from cold water immersion. When a person falls into cold water, there is “an uncontrollable gasp reflex, causing hyperventilation.” This may lead to unconsciousness and swimming failure.

The New York State Office of Parks and Recreation suggests boaters wear life jackets to prevent drowning due to swimming problems. They also suggest all boaters take a safety course, carry a cell phone in a watertight bag and refrain from drinking while on the water."

For more details, visit wibx950.com

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