It's time to overdose on cuteness, as precious and precocious British princesses Sophia Grace and Rose are at it again. The music-loving twosome offered their absolutely adorable cover of Taylor Swift's 'I Knew You Were Trouble' on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' on Monday (Feb. 4).

Ellen first played a clip of the girls practicing Swift's latest pop single in their hotel room while in their jammies, to boot! The little ladies had lyrically-appropriate hand motions down pat, and if this clip somehow passes Swift's Twitter feed or lands in her inbox, well, she just might die from how adorable it is.

The lasses also performed the song live on the show, clad in their usual pink and white striped dresses with tutu skirts and tiaras.

Sophia Grace (the brunette) lead the song and impressively hit all of the notes, while Rosie (the blonde) looked like a mini-Taylor with her curly locks and extra cute dance moves. When Rosie drops to the ground during the "lying on the cold hard ground" lyric, you can't help but think you're watching two divas in the making!

We were also most impressed with how they handled the "trouble, trouble, trouble" vocal part. Actually, it was the dance moves that blew us away. These two have a career ahead of 'em.

We wonder if Taylor Swift is in the market for any new backup dancers...

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