The weather for the start of 2023 does not look ideal for those who love snow. The recent blizzard that shut down the City of Buffalo for days dropped plenty of snow in some areas around Western New York. However, the temperatures are rising and the snow is melting in most areas.

At the height of the storm, some of the first vehicles that were called to action were snowmobiles. Area clubs moved to action to save lives and assist the recovery efforts as well. It was incredible to see the bravery and dedication that those who volunteered showed in the face of what some call the storm of the century.

But what will happen when the opening day of the snowmobile season arrives? The start date was moved to after the "holiday " deer season ends. January 2nd for most and some will open on January 3rd. That is IF the conditions permit. And IF the clubs open the trails. The safety of riders and the protection of the landowner's property is always something that clubs have to consider.

There is a snowmobile safety course coming up in Erie County on January 21st.

New York State is a leader in snowmobile education and offers one operator training course for snowmobilers of all ages beginning at age 10. This course provides fundamental information which all snowmobilers should possess in order to ensure the safety of riders and other trail users. Successful completion of this course results in the award of a NYS Snowmobile Safety Certificate.

Be safe and pray for snow on the trails! For those of us who love to ride, it would be nice if this was a brief warm up with snow on the way behind it.

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