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Dogs are considered Man's Best Friend, but can they be Man's Best TASTING Friend? And what about cats? Can you cook up Whiskers with some watercress and white rice next time he shoots you the stink eye?

People can be driven to extreme measures for survival. Look at that rugby team that crashed into the Andes mountains. They ate portions of their pals in order to keep their hearts beating. As horrifying as the thought is, if it were a matter of eating a dog or cat over another human, 100% of people would choose the former.

Photo by Max Kleinen on Unsplash
Photo by Max Kleinen on Unsplash

Fortunately, it is illegal to eat a dog or cat in New York State under any circumstances.

The U.S. passed legislation in 2018 outlawing the slaughter of dogs and cats for food. But there are only six states that have laws banning the consumption of them outright: Michigan, California, Georgia, Hawaii, New Jersey and New York.

So if you're looking to sauté a Siamese or chow down on a Chow Chow, you'll have to hop on over to, say, Vermont.

Photo by Jack Dong on Unsplash
Photo by Jack Dong on Unsplash


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seller military_kazakhstan on eBay

What about those delicious, delicious horses? The U.S. has laws against horse slaughterhouses and selling horse meat as food, but it's technically not illegal to eat horse meat. In other words, if you "prepare" your own horse and eat it, you're good to go.


Daniel Cole / TSM

Finally some good news! It's perfectly legal in the state of New York to feast on roadkill. But depending on the species you're scraping off the asphalt, you might need to obtain a permit first.


Eating dogs and cats: Absolutely not.

Horses: Sure, but you can't buy the meat here.

Roadkill: Go hog wild, just get a permit.

That just about covers it. Anyone else need a shower after reading this?

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