In today's fast-paced world, Robert Blais is a rare breed: a public servant who loves what he does so much, he's stuck with it for more than 50 years.

In April of 2023, Blais will have served as mayor of Lake George for more than half a century. It's an exceptional feat that demonstrates his passion for the historic Adirondack community.

Village of Lake George via Facebook
Village of Lake George via Facebook

Blais has hinted at retirement as far back as the early 2000s, but when his 2023 term ends, he intends to follow through on those plans. Born on the Fourth of July, 1936, Blais is 86 years old. He entered office on April 5th, 1971, and his 52 years in office makes him not only the longest-serving mayor in New York history, but in American history.

Commenting on his retirement in his Annual Report to the Village Taxpayers back in January, Blais had this to say:

"My last day in office will be March 31, 2023. Yes, this time I will actually retire. My leaving will be difficult but I would like to believe I am leaving the village a far better place economically and physically than in 1971."

Blais remains as active in his final year as he did in the beginning. His annual report was full of emphatic bulletpoints regarding the need for numbers on homes, touting record-breaking revenue from the town's parking meters, and his desire to see Lake George institute its own police department again (the previous one merged with the Warren County Sheriff's Office back in 1988).


America looked completely different when Robert Blais first took office in 1971. Particular things of note:

  • The drinking age was 18
  • The Vietnam War waged on
  • A first class postage stamp cost $0.06
  • Minimum wage was $1.60 / hour

Cheers to Robert Blais on his forthcoming retirement, and to his achievement as longest-serving mayor in American history!

Village of Lake George via Facebook
Village of Lake George via Facebook

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