There's some good news and some bad news for riders who've been patiently waiting to get their sleds out on New York State trails.

The good news - Mother Nature finally dumped measurable snow across New York State. The bad news - It wasn't nearly enough. The worst news - it's not going to stick around for long. 

Few Trails Opened

220 snowmobile clubs groom and maintain all the trails around the state. The latest snow provided sledding opportunities for some, but most trails remained closed.

The few trails that opened had no base due to the lack of snow this season. Riders were asked to use extreme caution and be on the lookout for water holes, possible downed trees as well as rocks and other hazards.

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It's always important to remember that some trails travel through private property and should be respected by all riders.

Ride slow. Ride safe.

Short Term Snowmobiling

Those who didn't take advantage of the early season ride may have to wait a little longer this year. Rain and warmer temperatures are expected to melt all the snow that just fell, starting the waiting game and trail grooming process all over again.

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Riders can find out which trails are open and when with the NYSSA trail map. The best part is, that the app can be used when no cell service is available.

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