They say you save the best for last. Ryan Quinn had all the coaches on 'The Voice' fighting to have him join their team after a 4 chair turn and a standing ovation that closed the show.

Quinn wrapped up night 3 of the blind auditions with 'Can't Find My Way Home.' His performance had Christina Aguilera wanting everyone to hear his talent.  "You're one of those voices that needs to be heard worldwide."

Quinn, who works with kids at the House of the Good Shepherd in Utica, left Pharrell impressed with more than his vocals. "The fact you were so wise to take your gift and channel it to help others, there's nothing that's going to go wrong for you. Good will is always rewarded in the end."

Blake Shelton, who is far from Quinn's genre, tried to persuade him to try something new. "It's not about where I come from musically. It's just about helping you be the best you that you can be."

Adam Levine wasn't going down without a fight. "I'm a dude with a high voice and when you got me going 'damn that's high,' I can assure you that's really high. I'm jealous of your tone and I'm going to fight as hard as I can to make sure I get you on my team."

The fight worked. Quinn picked to be on Team Adam.

If Ryan can't find his way home, he may want to just follow the Thruway to all the support he'll see in Central New York.

Will Quinn follow in Sawyer Fredericks footsteps? The Fultonville teen won The Voice last season for Team Pharrell.

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Download Ryan Quinn 'Can't Find My Way Home' on iTunes.

Watch Quinn's full audition that includes footage from his hometown in Westmoreland. Do you recognize any of the scenery?

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