Domino's Pizza has introduced a new pizza delivery vehicle with a warming oven built right in. It's the future of delivering pizzas, and it could be coming to Central New York.

You've probably seen the commercials for the Domino's DXP - A new vehicle designed for delivering pizzas (If you haven't, you can see the ad above). The commercial focuses on the warming oven built right into the back of the car, but there are some other cool features.

The car is designed to carry one person - the driver. The warming oven takes up where 'the backseat' would be, and beside the driver is 'no spill' station. It's a series of little cubbies and compartments, all designed to hold sauces, salads, wings, and other food items - but to keep them in an upright position so nothing ends up on one side of the box or tray.

With all this news about a new delivery vehicle, we decided to do some searching. Obviously, not every Domino's location is going to get this awesome vehicle. Which ones are? Will Rome or Utica get one?

...It's possible, but there is a catch. Domino's has started an online contest - Giving away one DXP to a Domino's location in the US. People can nominate their local Domino's and vote for them to win. The top three locations with the most votes are the finalists, and could possibly win this futuristic pizza delivery vehicle.

You can get all the details on how to nominate your local domino's and vote, at the Domino's website here.
You can also learn more about the DXP here.


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