Buffalo police officer Moe Badger is continuing to spread his gift of song throughout Western New York.

Officer Badger stopped by the Amherst location of Just Pizza & Wings Co. to thank owner Mary Alloy for her work in the community. Earlier this year, Alloy partnered with the local Niagara County SPCA to put pictures of adoptable dogs on her pizza boxes in hopes of helping dogs find their forever homes. The idea took off better than anyone would have hoped. Soon after she started putting the pictures on her boxes, Alloy told CNN that people were not only buying more pizzas, but that they were also going out and adopting the dogs.

The Niagara County SPCA shared a video of Badger serenading Alloy with his beautiful rendition of "Stand by Me," and wrote that he also "complimented Mary on her work helping Niagara County SPCA, calling her a celebrity."

Officer Badger is not far from a celebrity himself. He's gone viral for his singing before, and has even been on Ellen alongside his partner, Officer Michael Norwood.

More recently, Badger and Norwood spoke (and sang) to WIVB about the nationwide protests as they experience this period of civil unrest from a unique perspective as members of both the police force and the black community.

Badger sang "We Shall Overcome" in Niagara Square as he worked the protests earlier this month, spreading a message of embracing change.

"I just wanted to be there and stand with, you know, people that want change. We all want to see change," Badger told WIVB. "We all want to see a better community, not only in Western New York but across this nation."

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