It may be cold, snowy and windy; but, that doesn't mean you can't escape to your happy place, the garden.   Seed catalogs are out making it the perfect time to make some gardening New Year's Resolutions.  And as always, the Master Gardeners at Cornell Cooperative Extension are here with some tips.

1. Order seed early and keep a copy of your order. Seed catalogs are ready now. Get your order together now.

2. Resolve to stay focused this gardening season. Order and buy only what you need this year. Resist the urge to buy every plant in sight.

3. Visit with fellow gardeners to see if they want to share plants. Gardeners are always dividing plants or saving cuttings.  Don't need an entire box of vegetable transplants? See if a friend will split an order with you.

4. Make a home gardening plan and stick to it. Now is a great time to write out your landscape plan . Stick to it throughout the season and buy only plants that fit the plan.

5. Resolve to look at your landscape now. Do you need a windbreak? Are overgrown trees and shrubs spoiling your landscape? Now is the time to look so that you are prepared when the gardening season starts.

6. Resolve to improve your soil this year. If your garden didn't perform well last season, resolve to add organic matter, or compost.

For ideas on what to plant or anything gardening, check out CCE's Home & Garden page or call the Horticulture Hot Line on Wednesday’s and Friday’s from 9 a.m. to noon, at 315-736-3394.

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