When it comes to complaining about our lack of spring, I'm one of the biggest ducks in the puddle. Granted our temperatures are well below the norm, daytime highs should be around 52 and overnight temps would usually be about 36. Today is forecast at 33, but it's nowhere near the record which was set not that long ago.

The record low was set a mere 2 years ago. The official low temp at Griffis in Rome on April 5, 2016, was 6. Researching the weather almanac, it was a three-day run of well below normal temperatures, highlighted by that single digit night.

While we're not setting record low temperatures, we are in a long run of below normal readings and the end isn't coming soon. The 10-day outlook doesn't see the 40's until next week and 50's don't arrive before next Thursday. Beyond that, the monthly outlook has temperatures in the 60's arriving April 21.


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