We all know that one person who claims to be a great driver, but is actually a nightmare behind the wheel right? Now there's a free way to tell if you or anyone you know should be driving in Central New York.

The website EPermitTest.com allows you to take several practice permit tests for free in order to prepare for an actual written test, or simply to hone your driving skills.

We think there are plenty of Central New Yorkers who could benefit from a little refresher course.

Are you one of them? Here's how you can find out:

Head over to EPermitTest.com and select your state. Then pick a practice test (they range from easy to hard) and get started. Each test is 20 questions and takes anywhere from a few minutes to 10 minutes to finish.

I took the test and somehow managed to score a 90%, or 18 out of 20 questions correct.

You can see a sample of the first 5 questions on practice test #2 in the video above.

Let us know how you do on the test, and if there's anyone in your life that you're going to make re-take their permit test.


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