If you hate driving on the arterial, the thruway, or Route 49 when people hang out in the left lane? Maybe a law similar to Minnesota's should come to New York.

This new Minnesota law goes into effect as of August 1st according to the Star Tribune. Those violating the new law could face a fine of $50, plus a $75 surcharge.

“It’s something everyone can relate to,” Jasinski said. “Everyone’s been in that position, being behind someone in the left lane. It’s frustrating.”

Most states have a law requiring slower vehicles to move to the right lane, only about a dozen have full-fledged laws that involve a financial penalty. Fines vary across the country, from as little as $20 to more than $250.

The law doesn’t quantify how slow a vehicle must be traveling in the left lane in order to be cited. It just states, “a person must move out of the left-most lane to allow another vehicle to pass” when practical.

Should this come to New York?

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