It happen every year. People seem to forget how to drive in the snow. The first Winter storm arrives and panic ensues. There's cars going too fast, following too close or in the ditch. Here's a few simple tips everyone SHOULD know but may have forgotten since last Winter.

SLOW DOWN! It seems obvious, but every Winter you see the impatient idiots behind the wheel that blow by. They are usually the ones you see in the ditch a few miles later too.

For the love of God, clean off your car. Another no-brainer but we've all been behind the jerk who only cleared a small hole on the front windshield. The rest of the snow or sheets of ice, flies off the back of their car and right onto YOUR windshield.

Don't tailgate. Tailgating is dangerous in ANY weather but slippery Winter roads and brakes are like oil and water. They just don't mi. Instead of slamming on your brakes, pump them. You're less likely to slide all over the road.

Turn on your lights. It may be the middle of the day, but anyone who's driven in a snowstorm knows, time is irrelevant. A blizzard can make it feel like midnight. And while you're brushing off the car, don't forget the lights. Snow covered lights not only make it hard for YOU to see while driving. It's hard for us to see you too.

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