A convicted sex offender was found inside an elementary school in Canajoharie. Police were contacted by concerned parents after the man was seen having breakfast with his niece in the East Hill Elementary School cafeteria.

While in the school Canajoharie police say he passed several students notes on napkins that read "I Love You." Police emphasize that at no point was the man alone with any of the children but it's not illegal for him to be on school property.

Canajoharie Police say, "The sex offender is not on probation or parole so he has no restrictions about being in the school with his niece. Due to the disruption caused by giving out these notes to children, the school has banned him from the school property at any time. If he is found on the property he can be arrested for trespass."

The incident has school officials changing their policy. They will no longer allow family members into the school to have breakfast with students. There will be a person at the front door during school hours. This may slow pickup and drop off slightly but the priority is the safety of the school children.