You get a bottle of Dom Perignon. Would you drink it or save it?

The champagne was handed out to several employees during a staff meeting and to my surprise I was one of those employees. I've never tasted Dom Perignon but knew it was expensive. Little did I know it was A HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS bottle of champagne.

Now the question is do I drink it right away or save it for a special occasion. And what special occasion? A birthday, an anniversary or a Saturday. Making it through the work week without killing someone is something to celebrate right?

Then there's the question of does champagne go bad? I wouldn't want to save it and it not taste right when I finally pop the cork.

When the cork is finally popped should it be drank from the 'You Rock' coffee mug, a fluted crystal glass or straight from the bottle?

What would you do?


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