It was the end of an era. Seinfeld aired its final episode on this day in 1998 and ended with the cast in prison. Although I wasn't a die hard Seinfeld fan, my husband never missed an episode. He even has the DVD collection. Here's my favorite Top 10 Seinfeld moments.

  • Ugly Baby

    Kramers reaction to the 'Ugly Baby' is one of my favorite Seinfeld moments of all time. I laugh every time I see it. It just never gets old.

  • Shrinkage

    George's girlfriend walked in on him changing after getting out of the pool. The line of the episode for me came from Elaine after Goerge and Jerry tried to explain what shrinkage was. 'I don't know how you guys walk around with those things.'


    Elaine took some muscle relaxers after hurting her back sleeping on Jerrry's parents sleeper sofa. She was a little loopy and kept screaming 'Stellla.'

  • 'I'm Out' of The Contest

    The Contest episode was a classic. The gang bet who could last the longest without pleasing themselves. Kramer being Kramer, was out first.

  • Is That a Titleist?

    Being a golfer, I loved the Marine Biologist episode. George lied to his girlfriend about his profession and was forced to save a beached whale. The problem, a golf ball was stuck in the blow hole. A ball that came from Kramer who was hitting them into the ocean.

  • Junior Mints

    Jerry and Kramer were fighting over a junior mint while watching an operation. During their argument they accidentally drop a junior mint into a man on the operating table.

  • No Soup For You!

    Seinfeld had a knack for terrific bit characters. The Soup Nazi is a classic. No Soup For You!

  • Puffy Shirt

    Jerry appears on the Today show in a puffy shirt. Aye Matey!

  • Seinfeld, Four!

    The gang waits for a table at a Chinese restaurant. At the end of the episode they decide to leave after waiting too long. The Maitre D called their table as soon as the walk out of the restaurant.

  • The Elaine Dance

    There's no way you can watch the Elaine dancing episode and not laugh. If you've ever thought you were the worst dancer ever, watch Elaine. You'll feel better

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