Whether it was a character with a back story that ties the sitcom to Upstate New York, or a portion of a show set here. 13 of the top 100 shows of all time are linked to the area.

When you think of the best sitcoms of all time, what shows come to mind? For me, I think of shows like Seinfeld, The Simpsons, and Friends. They all made the top 100 list according to Rolling Stone. Those shows also have some ties to Upstate New York. It's always awesome seeing this part of the state mentioned in shows. If for no other reason than to remind people elsewhere in the country. that we are a lot more than New York City.

Here is the list compiled by Syracuse.com of the shows that have a tie to Upstate New York:

  • Number 91, Buffalo Bill: This was an NBC sitcom from the '80s with a radio host who worked in Buffalo.
  • Number 84, Modern Family: This one is tied because of one of the producers for the show. Danny Zuker attended Syracuse University.
  • Number 76, New Girl: In the episode titled "Fat Schmidt" one of the characters was wearing some Syracuse University clothing.
  • Number 54, Scrubs: Sam Lloyd and John C. McGinley both had roles on the show and also like Danny Zuker of Modern Family attended Syracuse University.
  • Number 44, Veep: A trend it seems, many of the show's producers attended Syracuse University. Is something in the school's water?
  • Number 38, Friends: Rachel Green in the show actually went to Syracuse. Of course, Jennifer Aniston did not.
  • Number 35, Everybody Loves Raymond: One of the show's producers won himself 2 Emmy's and also went to school in 'Cuse.
  • Number 34, Spongebob Squarepants: The voice of the yellow sponge is actually from Syracuse.
  • Number 23, The Office: I think we all know what the show's tie is. Utica was the Scranton branch's mortal enemy.
  • Number 4, I Love Lucy: Lucielle Ball is actually from Jamestown in Western New York. She also had a vacation home in CNY.
  • Number 3, Seinfeld: Jerry Seinfeld himself attended SUNY Oswego.
  • Number 1, The Simpsons: The Upstate New York parody song that depicts this area as a dump is how they tie in.

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