The diner was at one point obviously in New York City. Not anymore though. It has moved far closer and you could definitely drive there for a bite.

You might be asking yourself how this is even possible? The diner didn't grow legs, it simply outlived its New York City shelflife. In a city that never sleeps, real estate is prime. Obviously, someone was quite envious of the location that the Munson Diner sat on, so they bought it. The one problem is, it was all set to be demolished.

Before the wrecking ball could hit the walls of the beautiful NYC staple, a group saved it and was actually able to move it to Upstate New York, Liberty to be exact. According to, the move was called a "quiet retirement". Anything but quiet to be fair, in 12 years they had 6 owners while calling Upstate New York home. Now, they seem to be successful.

The diner is now called the New Munson Diner, which is a nod to its Seinfeld fame. The diner when in Manhattan was called the Munson diner. If you're a Seinfeld buff, this diner was called Reggies and was featured on the famous "Bizzaro Jerry" episode. While no items on the menu are paying homage to the show with no plot, they do have an extensive menu that looks exciting.

If you don't recall that episode, Seinfeld is now on Netflix and you easily could check it out for reference. Or, you could just take the 2.5-hour drive south to 12 Lake Street in Liberty and enjoy a scenic ride finished with a tasty meal.


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