Visitors to Raquette Lake in the Adirondacks were treated to a scene straight from the movie on Golden PondWilliam Straite, our Wildlife Photographer, captured the moment as the parents swam with their two baby chicks.

On Golden Pond was filmed on Squam Lake in New Hampshire, but just as easy could have taken place on any of the many lakes calling The Adirondacks home. The whole scene playing out on Raquette Lake even has William quoting the movie.

Norman The loons! The loons! They're welcoming us back

William notes the Loon has a very unique vocabulary, "a Tremolo to announce their presence or sound an alarm, a Yodel which is a territorial call, a Wail to track each others locations, and Hoots to keep in contact. Unfortunately the many onlookers got to witness all the sounds as the Father, Mother, and two chicks swam and played in a cove off the lake.

Eventually the family of Loons headed out of the cove into a channel leading to the deeper water of the lake, they even managed to make their way through a barrier of vegetation one by one. This is when everyone's joyful smiles at seeing such a natural wonder, turned into gasps as they witnessed Mother Nature at her cruelest.

Neither parent had the slightest clue that just after entering the channel, the largest Big Mouth Bass we had ever seen, broke water, grabbed the baby Chick, and the baby Chick had perished.

Both parents began to wail and continually dove under the water trying to locate the lost chick. Unable to find it, they surrounded the remaining chick and swam to deeper water. A hush fell over the group who had been watching the wonders of nature unfold before their very eyes. As everyone began heading to their cars, the moment became even sadder.

As we were putting our gear into the Tahoe, one could hear the loud and deep wails half way across the lake as both parents continued in vein to try to find their missing Chick...

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