Finding a good seafood place for dinner can be very hit or miss. One place in Syracuse sure knows how to reel in the customers.

A lot of places claim to be a seafood place but have only about five seafood items on their menu, this place is not one of those. If you're really looking for seafood, you can't go wrong with hopping on the thruway and heading west to Syracuse. Whether it is clams, salmon, or any other kind of fish. These guys sure know how to get it right.

The restaurant that Only In Your State claims to be the best is The Clam Bar. From looking at their menu, it isn't very hard to see why. They have every type of seafood you could imagine. Even saw on their Facebook page some squid ink pasta. Their food definitely isn't all things like that though. They have things as simple as a shrimp cocktail or a fish fry too.

Of course, some people certainly don't like seafood. That's okay though. They also have some really incredible-looking options for the eater who doesn't want their food from the sea. The wings look crispy and to die for. The Chicken Marsala looks like a dish you definitely wouldn't go wrong with ordering too.

Do you think that The Clam Bar located at 3419 Brewerton Road in North Syracuse is the best in Central New York? Maybe even in all of New York?

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