Somebody had to say it, so it might as well be science. reports there are a few reasons why, and you can probably guess what they are.

First, repetition of holiday music can have psychological impacts. Hearing too many Christmas songs or hearing the same ones over and over can trigger feelings like annoyance, boredom and even psychological stress.

Holiday music usually starts as a cheerful reminder of the good parts of the holidays, but after a while it can cause you distress because of the constant reminder of the more stressful things surrounding the holiday season like finances, family or work.

By that time hearing Christmas music becomes more a reminder of stress instead of a distraction from it.

Studies show holiday music is also really distracting. It can reduce employee productivity and even annoy customers or shoppers who hear the same songs in every store.

Basically according to a Clinical Psychologist quoted in the study, you spend too much of your time trying to avoid or ignore it and that stops you from being able to focus on anything else.

So if you feel yourself heading in the stressed out, annoyed direction this holiday season, switch up the music when you can or maybe get yourself some decent earplugs.

Have you ever felt annoyed by holiday music?

You can read the full study at


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