Governor Cuomo announced today that New Yorkers will still have access to mental health resources during the coronavirus pandemic, when it may be more crucial than ever.

6,000 mental health professionals volunteered to help with the official COVID-19 Emotional Support Hotline to counsel those who may be struggling right now and may not have access to resources. New Yorkers can reach the hotline at 1-844-863-9314 and be connected with a mental health professional for free.

"No one's really talking about this," Cuomo said in his coronavirus briefing Wednesday morning. "You know, we're all concerned about the immediate, critical need, the life and death of the immediate situation, which is right, but don't underestimate the emotional trauma that people are feeling and the emotional health issues."

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Cuomo commended the thousands of professionals who have stepped up to help during this difficult time.

"God bless the 6,000 mental health professionals who are doing this 100 percent free, on top of whatever they have to do in their normal practice," Cuomo said.

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